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[Big Hitㅣ2020 GLOBAL AUDITION] - #BTS (English & Japanese version)
05 M06 2020 г.
3 млн.
05 M06 2020 г.
※ For more information : please visit https://www.bighitaudition.com/ [Big Hitㅣ2020 GLOBAL AUDITION] Your potential is limitless. Your passion knows no bounds. The world is changing Show them who you are The World is your stage. Get ready to change everything. This is your moment. [Big Hitㅣ2020 グローバルオーディションのご案内] 君の 可能性は無限で 情熱に限界はない 変わるこの世に 君を見せて 今から、世の中を変える 君の舞台が始まる This is your moment. #GLOBAL #AUDITION