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29 M03 2011 г.
5 млн.
29 M03 2011 г.
XXXX MAGAZINE Presents it's 3rd issue - revolving around the theme "VOYEUR". Over 30 original productions are presented in the Voyeur issue, by artists and directors including: Andrea Tese, Anne Koch, Blindmice, Brian Gonzalez, Catherine Anyango, Chiara Cola, Delaney Bishop, Diana Eugeni Le Quesne, Diego Corredor, Dimitri Hyacinthe, Henry Jacobson, Indira Cesarine, Iris Brosch, Janine Gordan, Jessica Mitrani, Jordan Doner, Karine Laval, Konstantinos Menelaou, Michael Daks, Michael Williams, Monica Elkelv, Morgan O'Donovan, Patricio Guillamon, Paul Windridge, Peter Luckner, Romy Northover, Ronnit Hasson, Sean Capone, Sophia Deininger and Zaiba Jabbar XXXX MAGAZINE, (xxxxmagazine.com or 4x‐magazine.com), launched in 2009, is a multimedia publication showcasing established and emerging talent in contemporary art, film, photography, fashion and music. Each issue is brought together through the collaboration of over 100 creative contributors, presenting 20 ‐ 30 original multimedia productions revolving around a specific theme. Multimedia works from the launch "Kaleidoscopic" issue of XXXX Magazine were showcased at Visionaires Gallery in Paris from January 28 ‐ February 11, 2010. Productions from the second "Surreal" issue premiered at the "Soiree au Louvre" benefit for the Louvre Museum in a video art installation at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in June 2010. Many productions from the "Voyeur" issue premiered at the "Voyeur" exhibit at Art Basel Miami 2010 presented by XXXX Magazine in collaboration with American Friends of the Louvre, Miami Art Museum Contemporaries, AMH Industries and Quintessentially.